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Kate Greenaway

The Art of Kate Greenaway

The Art of Kate Greenaway celebrates all the charm of the artist's work while offering a unique insight into the many facets of her life.

Kate Greenaway's illustrations for children's books have remained so popular the world over that her name has become synonymous with an English childhood.

Using over a hundred colour illustrations, this new biography reveals the range of Kate Greenaway's work, from her earliest designs for journals and greetings cards to the books which made her famous and the watercolour paintings now eagerly sought by collectors. Although thought of primarily as the creator of quaintly dressed children, the artist is also shown to be an exquisite flower painter. A useful section on Greenaway memorabilia completes the book.

Kate Greenaway was born in North London in 1846. She followed her father into commercial art work, a daring career for a Victorian woman, but despite this she remained a Peter Pan figure. It was the drawings and rhymes harking back to her childhood that led to her first book, Under the Window, becoming an instant bestseller. Many beautiful children's publications followed, starting a Kate Greenaway cult, and her work appeared on all manner of objects including porcelain, glass and clothes.

Ina Taylor 1991 The Art of Kate Greenaway: A Nostalgic Portrait of Childhood London: Webb and Bower ISBN 0882898671

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  • Introduction
  • 1 The child
  • 2 Art schooling and early career
  • 3 The breakthrough
  • 4 The height of fashion
  • 5 The advent of Professor Ruskin
  • 6 The final years
  • 7 Kate Greenaway for collectors
  • Bibliography
  • Index